Quicklink: Remote Communicator and TX Multi solutions to be showcased at BVE and CABSAT 2017.

Quicklink RC

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At BVE and CABSAT 2017, Quicklink will show their new, ground-breaking Remote Communicatorsolution. The Remote Communicator which was launched in January 2017 allows you tostream real time, full duplex ultra-low delay audio/video or audio only that is sent and received from a single web browser, enabling broadcasters to create high quality, ultra-low latency video and audio contributions.

The Quicklink Remote Communicator is a complete versatile solution that can be used on Quicklink hardware or installed on the users own hardware. The new solution includes cloud advanced firewall punch through with automatic fall back to Quicklink Relay Services guaranteeing connectivity on the most challenging and secured networks…….

TeamCast: introduced Dual VYPER Satellite Modulator.


TeamCast appears to be in the camp that two is better than one, as the digital modulation technology provider has introduced its new Dual VYPER platform. The new system is designed to offer two high-end modulators in a compact package in a single 1RU rack and responds to high density applications, like DSNG trucks and large teleports.

Based on the third generation VYPER platform, Dual VYPER offers high quality output signal, full support of DVB-S/S2/S2X and DVB-DSNG modes and…….

RTW: Releases Updated TM7 and TM9 TouchMonitors.


A new version of firmware is available for RTW’s TouchMonitor TM7 and TM9 series, taking into account some customer-requested features according to the company’s press release. The TM7 and TM9 units are 7- and 9-inch touch-sensitive displays for loudness monitoring.

The firmware version 6.0, among its updates, now offers up to four parallel instances of TM7/TM9’s stereo vectorscope, allowing for simultaneous monitoring of transmission streams. A 12th octave filter bank is also part of the update to the units’ Real Time Analyzer feature set for frequency distribution analysis. In addition, a custom selected password feature is now available for increased security against unauthorized adjustment changes, as has support for four-channel operation of a TouchMonitor. RTW also reports that…..

Comrex: unveiled its management & monitoring system.


Comrex is now offering a management and monitoring system, Codec Commander, designed for its line of IP audio codecs. The new system features the same control compatibility as Comrex’s current browser-based tools for individual codec management, but doesn’t use Adobe Flash.

Codec Commander is a Microsoft Windows application that enables users to interface with a single Comrex codec. Users can manage connections, check stations, view audio metering, adjust audio profiles, and make changes to system settings. …

Lilliput- Broadcast Monitors


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Lilliput has been producing and delivering both standardized and customized products since 1993. Its major product lines include: Camera & Broadcasting Monitors, FPV Monitor, Touch VGA/HDMI Monitors for industrial application, USB Monitors Series, Marine & Medical Monitors, Embedded Computer Platforms, MDT, Test Instruments, Home Automation Devices, and other Special LCD Displays….

Davicom: Remote monitoring solution available in India now.


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By incorporating the Davicom Telemetry System at your remote sites you would have instant access to the condition of each system, allowing you to know if any faults exist and if so what is required to fix it. The Davicom is a very versatile unit and as saving money and manpower is always top of the list, we feel the that your Company would soon realise how crucial telemetry is to the smooth operation of any transmission network. The likes of the BBC World Service and other major broadcasters are already enjoying the benefits!

Davicom Telemetry System:


  • Saves time and money as it avoids unnecessary trips to remote sites
  • Call-outs can be handled more efficiently
  • Operational down-time can be reduced
  • Allows you to view the site status from anywhere in the world
  • The Davicom system can monitor practically any piece of equipment in your rack
  • Should a fault occur an alarm can be sent to you by phone (using voice messages), Fax, Pager, e-mail, SMS or SNMP trap.
  • The Davicom unit keeps track of all events within its 2 internal event logs, so you know what happened, when and in what sequence!
  • DavNet central management software can keep track of all of your sites.


  • No moving parts  – purpose built board running Linux with no hard disks, fans or forced cooling.
  • 128-bit encrypted IP communications (LAN, WAN, Internet) now integrated on all models;
  • Dual-modem ready (primary link over landline, and backup using GSM for example);
  • Simultaneous, multi-user connection to Davicom units (up to 4 users);
  • Bilingual capability. Each user can select the language for vocal interfacing and screen viewing;
  • 128 timers allow users to easily program AM day/night pattern changes, to set up multiple alarm-call lists during normal-duty, vacations, special-occasions, etc.;…..
  • 16 alarm lists for event-based or time-based alarms;
  • 128 virtual logic gates allow users to program conditional actions and complex logic functions;
  • All relays are included and are individually software configurable for latch, follow, and variable-length pulse modes, to better match equipment control requirements;
  • 128 virtual relays allow users to set up additional relay command actions without using actual physical relays;
  • Focus-in on desired information thanks to user-defined and system logs;
  • Ping up to 32 pieces of ancillary equipment via local IP port;
  • Connect laptop to the Davicom front panel USB or serial port when on-site;
  • ModBus compatible;
  • Highly accurate TCXO-based real-time clock;
  • Daylight saving time enabled;
  • CE marked and RoHS/WEEE compliant;
  • Fully SNMP compliant – internal SNMP Manager and Agent;
  • Webserver included;
  • Stream audio back from your site using IP or telephone for confidence check;
  • Embed URLs into the viewable workspace to display security cameras, GUIs, etc.
  • … and more to come in future Firmware releases!