Inovonics: launched 6 new products at NAB this year, Booth N8029.


Inovonics is very pleased to introduce following 6 new products this year at NAB.

  1. AARON 655FM/HD Re- Broadcast Translator receiver.


Accepts FM & HD1-8 program sources for re-broadcast

Also supports analog, AES-digital, and streaming inputs

RDS encoder that can either pass or regenerate incoming RDS

Can reformat HD Radio ‘PAD’ data for RDS retransmission

Unparalleled sensitivity, selectivity, and RF shielding

  1. Novia Audio Processor- FM/ AM Stereo.
  2. 272 FM Audio Processor
  3. 262 Stereo Audio Processor
  4. 236 AM Audio Processor
  5. INOmini 662 Site Streamer for DAB+.


  • Reception of all standard DAB+ broadcasts from any remote location
  • Front panel discplay of essential DAB+ PAD information
  • Analog L/R and AES-digital program outputs
  • Full dynamic browser support of all operating features, including audio streaming
  • ‘Station Rotation’ can monitor multiple station sequentially
  • Sends instant error messages via email or SMS text. Supports SNMP.

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