Job Openings

Let us try to assist you to achieve your objective in Indian broadcast industry by referring good candidates or good companies. In this section , we are concentrating on the employment opportunities in the broadcasting industry which includes:

a) Radio Broadcasting
b) Television (TV, DTH, CATV) Broadcasting
c) Broadcast Solution Provider Companies

What broadcasters and broadcast solutions provider companies do?

  • Radio and Television networks make content, buy the rights of recorded, live programmes and transmit their signals from broadcasting studios, make revenue from the sale of advertising time.
  • Educational and noncommercial Broadcasters generate revenue primarily from donations by individuals, foundations, government, and corporations. These stations generally are owned and managed by public broadcasting organizations, religious institutions, or school systems.
  • Broadcast solution providers companies offers the broadcast solutions, studio equipments, automation s/w, transmission and uplinking/downlinking equipments for setting up radio and television broadcast facilities for the broadcasters.

Why Broadcast industry?

  • Fast growth, Glamour and challenging work in the broadcast industry attracts more and more jobseekers in these days.
  • Employees in broadcast industry work in fresh, comfortable and live environment.
  • For many people, the excitement of working in broadcast industry reimbursed for the demanding nature of the work. Although this industry is noted for its high pressure and long hours, the work is generally not hazardous

Qualification required:

  • A college degree in Sales, Marketing, Journalism, Broadcasting & Engineering or experience in the related field like working with campus radio or internships at professional radio/ television stations required.

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