Employees are real Brand ambassadors!


Many companies , in spite of having good products or services, fails to acquire a good social image (hence business) and the main reason is that they overlooked their real brand ambassadors.

Every Company is having its own space in its relevant market and the only race is… to grab the big Market share of that particular market segment.

There are many strategies which companies implement to increased its market share and most of these strategies are focused on the outside make over of the company or brand.

Here, I would like to cover the least focused part of brand building process or I should say the part which is over looked by most of the companies.

Employees are real Brand ambassadors!

Companies hire the employees to do a predefined task/ KRA and evaluate their performance based upon the same.

I believe that these employees are real assets for any company and can be used for a strong brand building for any company.

Like a family, each company is having its rules, regulation, ethics, work environments etc. and the combination of above makes their employees behaviors ,…which makes Company’s social image in the market and it directly affect tits business too. (+ve/-ve)….

To build a strong brand, I believe…. 1st step is.. to focus and train their employee …as they are the real brand ambassadors of any company and reflects its/products image in the market.

I know, Its a big task, like army training, that every single employee reflects the real and true Image/ ethics of the company but once its start and put in regular process, it will become habit of each employee and they themselves train the new family members.

Each company’s HR should spend some time regularly with its employees to educate them about the social behaviors (On/ Off line), company ethics and the way to present themselves in the market as a company brand.

So to start with,… you,…. yourself. are the 1st right person for your company.

Be a Brand Ambassador.. and not just employee!

Mukesh Chaudhary (Sales Manager & Brand Builder) +91-9650.3000.35

(Ex.-COO, Director, Tech. Head- Broadcast & Media Industry)

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