Radio Station Setup

FM Radio
Please go through the questionnaire below. This will make your task easy.

What is the motive for setting up a station?

  • Commercial Benefits.
  • Community Benefits.

What is your preferred Radio Broadcast Medium?

  • Terrestrial Radio Broadcasting
  • Satellite Radio Broadcasting
  • Internet Radio Broadcasting
  • Mix of above

What is the different License required for Radio Broadcasting and who will provide?

  • License for operation- Ministry of Information and Broadcasting (MIB).
  • Transmission Set-up – Broadcast Engineering Consultancy India Ltd.(BECIL)/ Prasar Bharti
  • Content License- Phonographic Performance Ltd.(PPL), Indian Performing Rights Society (IPRS) etc.
  • Content Monitoring agreement- Broadcast Engineering Consultancy India Ltd.(BECIL).

With whom you are competing with? Know more and more.

Who is your Target Audience?

What will be your strategies to shift competitor’s Listeners?

Decide your Program Format for fit well with your target audience

a) Music:

  • What %age of Music will be played on your station?
  • What size of Music Library you required?
  • What are the different sources of raw audio to rip in your data base?
  • What Radio Automation Software you would like to have in your station?

b) Advertisement:

  • What will be the Frequency of advertisement at your station?
  • What are the different source to get advertisement?
  • What will be your Rate card depending upon the market size & competitor?

c) Caller in Program:

  • How frequently you play phone-in program at your station?

d) Recorded Program:

  • How much content will be recorded program?
  • Where will content be made, in house or outside?
  • Where will ads be made, in house or outside?

e) Program Chart:

  • Did you name your weekdays and weekend shows?
  • How many On-Air hours?
  • What is the percentage of Live and pre-recorded program you want?
  • Do you want to repeat the programs?

f) News: (Pls visit. for details)

  • What news content is allowed?
  • What are the Sources, Govt. decided to get news content?

What are the Technical Facilities you required?

  • On- Air studio
  • Production Studio
  • Voice over/ Talk Area
  • Production & scheduling area
  • Central Technical Area
  • Transmission Area and Tower

Man Power?

  • No. of presenters
  • No. of producers
  • No. of sales staff
  • No. of office admin
  • No. of Engineers for operation