Technical Information


What is DTH- Direct to Home?

  • DTH means Direct-To-Home television and the reception of satellite programmes with a individual dish.
  • DTH puts the broadcaster directly in touch with the consumer and eliminate the Cable operator in between.

How DTH works?

  • A DTH platform require a broadcasting centre, satellites, encoders, multiplexers, modulators and DTH receivers.
  • A DTH service provider has to lease Ku-band transponders from the satellite. The encoder converts the audio, video and data signals into the digital format and the multiplexer mixes these signals.
  • At the user end, there will be a small dish of 45 cm in diameter and set-top boxes to decode.

What is the difference between DTH and cable TV?
In DTH, TV channels would be transmitted from the satellite to a small dish installed on the subscriber’s home. Now the broadcaster directly connects to the user located anywhere and eliminates the local cable operators.
Also, with DTH, a user can scan nearly 700 channels!

What DTH offer more than traditional cable TV?

  • DTH offers better quality picture than cable TV because cable transmission is still analog.
  • DTH offers stereophonic sound effects.
  • It can also reach remote areas where terrestrial transmission and cable TV have failed to reach.
  • With a superior picture quality, DTH has also offers interactive services such as movie-on-demand, Internet access, video conferencing and e-mail.