Technical Information

Community Radio

Name of FrequencyAbbreviationFrequency BandWavelength
Extremely Low Frequency
ELF30 Hz-3 kHz10,000-100 km
Very Low FrequencyVLF3-30 kHz100-10 km
Low FrequencyLF30-300 kHz10-1 km
Medium FrequencyMF300 kHz-3 MHz1 km-100 m
High FrequencyHF3-30 MHz100-10 m
Very High FrequencyVHF30-300 MHz10-1 m
Ultra High FrequencyUHF300 MHz-3 GHz1 m-10 cm
Super High Frequency
SHF3-30 GHz10-1 cm
Extremely High Frequency
EHF30-300 GHz1 cm-1 mm
• Frequency Band: VHF (88-108 MHz)
• Permitted coverage area: 5-10km radius.
• Effective Radiated Power (ERP): 100 W.
• Tower height: 15m- 30m.

Cost Estimate

  • Community Radio Station can be established as per the availability of space & budget.
  • The cost varies from Rs. 10 Lacs to 25 lacs depending upon the no. of studio and the facilities at Radio Station.

A typical equipment list required for CRS is given below: