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Process for Community Radio License in India (Community Radio Stations is Radio broadcasting serving the community.)

Non-profit' organizations e.g. civil Society and voluntary organizations registered under the societies act and having a proven record of at least three years of service to the local community at the time of application.
State Agricultural Universities (SAUs), ICAR institutions and Krishi Vigyan Kendras.
Educational institutions.

Applicant has to submit a Bank Guarantee of Rs.25,000/- at the time of signing the Grant of Permission Agreement (GOPA) to MIB. There is no other charge.
Applicant has to pay requisite fee to:
 • WPC Wing of Ministry of Communication & IT for frequency allocation,
 • Standing Committee on Frequency Allocation (SACFA) clearance and
 • Wireless Operating License (WOL) etc.
The details of charges can be obtained from

1The Universities/Deemed University or Government run educational institution will have a single window clearance by putting up cases before an Inter Ministerial Committee chaired by Secretary, I&B for approval. Thereafter, a letter of Intent (LOI) will be issued granting permission to run a community radio.
2In case of all other applicants, including private educational institutions, Letters of Intent (LOI) will be issued only on receipt of clearance from Ministries of Home Affairs, Defence & HRD (in case of private educational institutions) and allocation of frequency by WPC Wing of Ministry of Communication & IT.
3One month: after receipt of the application, MIB shall process the application form to other Ministries concerned for clearance. In case, the reply/clearance is not received within three months time, the same shall be submitted to the Inter Ministerial Committee for clearance.
4On receipt of clearance from the Ministry of Home Affairs, Defence and HRD (in case of private educational institutions), the same will be processed in MIB and Letters of Intent will be issued granting permission to run CRS
5In the case of government run educational institutions, the same would be submitted for clearance of the Inter Ministerial Committee directly.
6Within one month of the issue of the LOI, the eligible applicant will be required to apply, in the prescribed format and with the registration fee to the WPC Wing for frequency and SACFA clearance. A time frame of six months from the date of application has been fixed for issuing SACFA clearance.
7On receipt of SACFA clearance, the LOI holder will be invited to sign the GOPA ( Grant of Permission Agreement).
8The LOI holder shall also furnish a bank guarantee in the prescribed format for a sum of Rs.25,000/- along with GOPA before signing of the same.
9The GOPA will enable the LOI holder to seek wireless operating License (WOL) from the WPC Wing of Ministry of Communication & IT.
10GOPA is non- transferable and will be for a period of 5 years, provided it is not terminated earlier in case of any violation/breach of its conditions.
11The permission holder shall set up the community radio station within three months of receipt of all clearances i.e. signing of GOPA. LOI holder will intimate this to MIB.
12Failure to comply with time schedule prescribed above shall make the LOI/GOPA holder liable for cancellation of its LOI/GOPA and forfeiture of the bank guarantee.
13Govt. of India reserves the right to take over the entire services & network in the interest of national security or in the event of national war/emergency or low intensity conflict or under similar type of situations.

The Programmes of Community Radio should be relating to education, health, environment, and agriculture and rural and community development.
50% of content shall be generated with the participation of the local community.
News, current affairs and are otherwise political in nature in not allowed to broadcast.
Limited (for 5 minutes per hour) advertising and announcements relating to local events, local business and services and employment opportunities shall be allowed.
Programme & advertising code being followed and as prescribed for All India Radio shall be followed.
LOI holder shall have to preserve all programmes broadcast by the CRS for three months from the date of broadcast.

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