Monthly Archives: June 2017

Inovonics: introduced FM Streamer (635) in India.


Now Monitor Yours and Competitor’s Radio Stations from Anywhere in the World-Remotely

The INOmini 635 is a Web-enabled FM receiver for remote signal monitoring. It is essentially a remote-control FM radio with remote audio monitoring capabilities via the Internet. Installed at a transmitter/translator site or any remote location, it streams off-air audio or a wired audio feed back to any computer, tablet or mobile device.

The browser interface enables remote tuning, displays audio levels and RDS data, and logs signal parameters. Email, SMS messaging and SNMP protocols are fully supported…..

Cobalt Digital: unveiled its FAST-Stream OTT Platform.


Cobalt Digital’s FAST-Stream OTT has been unveiled, a new platform for frame-accurate SCTE trigger (FAST) insertion and H.264 OTT streaming. The FAST-Stream OTT system can insert data frame-accurately into baseband video as prescribed in the SCTE specifications.

Cobalt built the FAST-Stream OTT system to interface with automation and uses timestamps to insert SCTE 104 metadata frame-accurately and deterministically into baseband SDI. It is capable of H.264 encodes to meet delivery requirements in real time. During the compression stage, the system takes the SCTE 104 messages from the SDI input and converts them to SCTE 35, which then reorders the group of pictures so the I-frames line up with the trigger messages that were inserted at the baseband stage.

The FAST-Stream OTT platform fits in a 2RU Cobalt HPF-9000 frame or openGear OG3-FR frame with redundant power supplies. The system is available in single- or…..