Davicom: Remote monitoring solution available in India now.


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By incorporating the Davicom Telemetry System at your remote sites you would have instant access to the condition of each system, allowing you to know if any faults exist and if so what is required to fix it. The Davicom is a very versatile unit and as saving money and manpower is always top of the list, we feel the that your Company would soon realise how crucial telemetry is to the smooth operation of any transmission network. The likes of the BBC World Service and other major broadcasters are already enjoying the benefits!

Davicom Telemetry System:


  • Saves time and money as it avoids unnecessary trips to remote sites
  • Call-outs can be handled more efficiently
  • Operational down-time can be reduced
  • Allows you to view the site status from anywhere in the world
  • The Davicom system can monitor practically any piece of equipment in your rack
  • Should a fault occur an alarm can be sent to you by phone (using voice messages), Fax, Pager, e-mail, SMS or SNMP trap.
  • The Davicom unit keeps track of all events within its 2 internal event logs, so you know what happened, when and in what sequence!
  • DavNet central management software can keep track of all of your sites.


  • No moving parts  – purpose built board running Linux with no hard disks, fans or forced cooling.
  • 128-bit encrypted IP communications (LAN, WAN, Internet) now integrated on all models;
  • Dual-modem ready (primary link over landline, and backup using GSM for example);
  • Simultaneous, multi-user connection to Davicom units (up to 4 users);
  • Bilingual capability. Each user can select the language for vocal interfacing and screen viewing;
  • 128 timers allow users to easily program AM day/night pattern changes, to set up multiple alarm-call lists during normal-duty, vacations, special-occasions, etc.;…..
  • 16 alarm lists for event-based or time-based alarms;
  • 128 virtual logic gates allow users to program conditional actions and complex logic functions;
  • All relays are included and are individually software configurable for latch, follow, and variable-length pulse modes, to better match equipment control requirements;
  • 128 virtual relays allow users to set up additional relay command actions without using actual physical relays;
  • Focus-in on desired information thanks to user-defined and system logs;
  • Ping up to 32 pieces of ancillary equipment via local IP port;
  • Connect laptop to the Davicom front panel USB or serial port when on-site;
  • ModBus compatible;
  • Highly accurate TCXO-based real-time clock;
  • Daylight saving time enabled;
  • CE marked and RoHS/WEEE compliant;
  • Fully SNMP compliant – internal SNMP Manager and Agent;
  • Webserver included;
  • Stream audio back from your site using IP or telephone for confidence check;
  • Embed URLs into the viewable workspace to display security cameras, GUIs, etc.
  • … and more to come in future Firmware releases!

MCBS: Launched MPEG-4 SD/HD Encoder with built-in Modulator.


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MCBS DVB-S/S2 Encoder & Modulator is an integrated device with multifunction. Its pluggable design makes it convenient to change encoding module (CVBS/SDI/HDMI/YPbPr…) as needed. It is also equipped with 1 channel ASI input. It outputs ASI and DVB-S/S2 RF (IF Optional) in the same time. The signal source could be from CCTV cameras, Blue-ray players and etc. It adopts user-friendly web-based operation interface to effectively manage the device and carefully protect your content with its BISS function. Featured with its high performance and low cost, MCBS is especially adequate for the TV station or DSNG system to encode SD/HD programs and output to uplink.

Key Features

  • MPEG2 SD/HD and MPEG4 SD/HD Encoding Module optional
  • CVBS/SDI/HDMI/YPbPr…signals in & 1*ASI in
  • Support DVB-S/S2 RF (IF Optional) output and ASI output
  • LCN support (Logical Channel Number)…
  • Output Frequency: 950-2150MHz; IF: 50-200MHz
  • Symbol Rate: 0.05-20Msps….and..
  • Low latency achieved (CVBS Encoding modules excluded)
  • Support BISS fucntion
  • Support 10MHz reference clock
  • Support Web NMS and front panel LCD & Keyboard control
  • Upgrade device through web NMS

Quicklink: 3/4G Backpack Available in India.


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Quicklink offer a range of products and solutions to enable you to send high quality compressed media from low speed or unstable internet connections.

Designed for performance and portability the backpack transmits broadcast quality, low latency live video over IP from the most challenging network locations.

  • 15+ bonded connections: Wi-Fi, USB and LAN
  • 5 seconds boot time
  • Optimised on lower throughput satellite
  • HEVC option to encode with each profile
  • Bonds multiple internet connections

Product Highlights

  • HEVC/H.265 option to encode with each profile (trial)
  • Bonds multiple internet connections
  • Automatic Bandwidth Speed Detection with Automatic Adjustment
  • CPU information is displayed to ensure maximum quality is obtained
  • Resilient IP transport with synchronised audio
  • 2 x Ethernet ports for connection to satellite, supports additional optional modems via external USB ports
  • Dual hot swappable industry standard batteries allowing for continual unlimited running time
  • Automatic format detection PAL and NTSC and choice of Playout Format
  • Quick button to manually disable cellular modems if required
  • Power from any industry standard XLR source
  •  Central Management server not required for remote control. Advanced remote control, configuration and monitoring functions available direct from encoder, from Web GUI (any device) or from the studio
  • Inmarsat BGAN HDR Integration and control
  • Bluetooth IFB (Interruptible Feedback) audio (optional)
  • Anti-bacterial, military grade backpack, includes rain cover
  • Backpack logo can be removed or can be custom designed
  • 18” Touchscreen
  • Wi-Fi Remote hotspot access
  • Profiles optimised for satellite transmission
  • Automatic APN detection
  • Support for QMI modems

JVC: Launched DT-V G2 LCD Monitors.


A new series of multi-format LCD production monitors has been announced by JVC, the DT-V G2 line. JVC is releasing four models as part of the line, the 16.5-inch DT-V17G25Z, the 16.5-inch DT-V17G2Z, the 21.5-inch DT-V21G2Z, and the 24-inch DT-V24G2Z

The DT-V17G25Z and DT-V17G2Z each feature a 10-bit IPS panel, wide gamma range, 1500:1 contrast ratio and an integrated toolset. Both models also include a carrying handle JVC also says that the DT-V17G25Z is a near EBU Grade 1 LCD monitor.

All of the DT-V G2 models can monitor up to 16 channels of embedded audio and come with a Lissajous meter to display the stereo field of a signal and …..

Harmonic: started test run of its CableOS System.


Harmonic has launched its new CableOS system, a software-based CCAP technology. The CableOS system is said to enable the migration of cable access networks to gigabit capacity. It can resolve space and power constraints in the headend and hub. It is also designed for the fast deployment of IP-based data, video and voice services.

According to Harmonic, a single CableOS, 1RU COTS Intel processor-based servers, can support tens of gigs of capacity and multiple service groups than traditional hardware CMTS implementations, allowing cable operators to cut space and power by 75 percent in a centralized CCAP deployment, or…..

Telos Alliance: Starts TV Group.


A familiar name to radio industry vets is Telos and the subsequent Telos Alliance. The merger with Linear Acoustic years ago put the company into the TV equipment business.

The recent acquisition of Minnetonka Audio has added to that market. In response the Telos Alliance is forming the “TV Solutions Group.”

A release explained, “The TV Solutions Group will provide solutions that aid broadcasters in the transition to the latest TV industry technology. The AES67 AoIP standard, for example, is a key strategic focus for the new group”

The release added that the group will focus on products “utilizing both file-based and real-time processing and management … Customers can expect new products that are highly scalable and easy to integrate, as well as expanded access to product support services and technical materials.”

Telos Alliance CEO Frank Foti said…