NewTek: introduced TalkShow, VS4000.


The NewTek TalkShow VS 4000 multi-channel video calling system is now available for shipping. Able to work with both SDI and IP workflows, the TalkShow VS 4000 is designed for conducting multiple live, production-ready Skype video calls simultaneously.

The TalkShow VS 4000 is a 1RU rack mountable hardware unit with four-in, four-out I/O for integration into SDI workflows and IP video workflows through NewTek’s Network Device Interface technology. The unit features standalone call control and production control interfaces for independent call management and technical configuration. Behind-the-scenes video, audio, communication and….

Clear-Com: acquires Trilogy Communications.


Clear-Com, a subsidiary of HM Electronics, has completed its acquisition of the intercom and master reference generator provider Trilogy Communications. Clear-Com will incorporate Trilogy’s intercom product lines, which include Gemini, Messenger, Mentor and Mercury, into the Clear-Com portfolio.

“Their specialized matrix solutions perfectly complement Clear-Com’s highly-programmable and scalable digital matrix portfolio, increasing each team’s capabilities to meet the ever-growing and vastly-diverse communication needs across the markets we serve,” said Bob Boster, president of Clear-Com, about Trilogy.

The U.K.-based Trilogy will continue to operate as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Clear-Com from….

JVC: Released Version 1.02 firmware upgrade.

JVC Gy-HM660

JVC has announced the release of the Version 1.02 firmware upgrade for its GY-HM660 ProHD mobile news cameras. The upgrade is free for all current GY-HM660 owners.

With the upgrade, users now have two channels of IFB for the Camera operator and talent, allowing for communication with the studio when in the field. The camera also offers three upgraded 12-bit CMOS image sensors; a 3.5-inch LCD display for daylight viewing; SMPTE 2022 or….

ITU: has announced a new standard for High Dynamic Range Television.


ITU has announced a new standard for High Dynamic Range Television.that enhances the quality of imaging for HD, 4K, 8K and even virtual reality.

The new ITU-R HDR-TV Recommendation BT.2100 standard which the ITU says will “give viewers an enhanced visual experience with added realism” builds further on the superior color fidelity of ITU’s Ultra-High Definition Television (UHDTV) Recommendation BT.2020.  ITU’s Radiocommunication Sector (ITU-R) developed the standard—or Recommendation—in collaboration with experts from the television industry, broadcasting organizations and regulatory institutions in its Study Group 6.

“High Dynamic Range Television will bring a whole new viewing experience to audiences around the world,” said ITU Secretary-General Houlin Zhao, welcoming the announcement. “TV programming will be enhanced with brighter pictures that add sparkle to entertainment and realism to news coverage.”

“High Dynamic Range Television represents an important step towards the virtual-reality quality of experience to be delivered by future broadcasting and multimedia systems,” said François Rancy, Director of the ITU Radiocommunication Bureau. He congratulated Yukihiro Nishida, Chairman of ITU-R Study Group 6, for this major achievement.

The ITU-R announced its UHD standard, BT-2020 in October 2015. UHDTV Recommendation BT.2020 and the latest ITU-R HDR-TV Recommendation BT.2100 brings a further boost to television images, giving viewers an enhanced visual experience with added realism. The HDR-TV Recommendation allows TV programs to take full advantage of the new and…..

Lawo: introduced small Switcher, VSM Snap.


Lawo has introduced its new version of VSM control system as VSM Snap. Snap is a smaller “cross point switching only” tool that provides basic functionality on an LBP push button panel. VSM Snap can control third-party gear directly and without a VSM server. It addresses small matrix applications and can be used as a backup router control system for a VSM system.

Regular LBP pushbutton panels with an extended memory module and specific software are required for VSM Snap operation. This allows an LBP panel to talk router control protocols and….

Wohler: now shipping its Dante Module for AMP2-16V.


Wohler, a manufacturer of video, audio and data monitoring solutions, is ready to ship its new Dante module for the AMP2-16V series audio monitors.

New Dante-capable module adds audio-over-IP monitoring functionality to the popular AMP2-16V platform. The AMP2-16V Series is a 16-channel, 2-RU A/V workstation with a complete suite of tools for analyzing and managing audio quality, level and loudness, metadata and more.

By adding this module, thousands of existing users can begin monitoring audio using the Dante networking protocol without a significant additional investment and without changing their existing workflows or cable installations.

The AMP2-16V offers 16 channels of simultaneous, mixed-format audio metering and management. Users are able to mix, sum and….